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Selenium by country

Posted on July 29 2013 in Selenium, country, import, export, food, market, Finland blood tests, New Zealand deficit, China selenium

In my attention recently appeared this Selenium nutrient and selenium supplement.

It’s supposed to be very good for your health – preventing HIV, cancer and generally being very good for your blood cells and plasma. We intake selenium via food, what’s very interesting is that different countries have different levels of selenium intake, and even recommended average intake.

Now this is very interesting to me. I would have never thought that imports from a specific country to a specific country could show up in such a nutrient stat as selenium. For example, when UK lowered its food import dependency on the US, they experienced serious selenium deficit a decade later.

So, this supplement is in food, but how come it’s more in USA food, and less in UK food? The answer is simple – it’s the way different farms and farmers process their soils, especially with new agriculture machinery, etc.

China has specific regions where people are experiencing selenium deficiency due to very low levels of selenium in soils. Those people are preventing the horrible things selenium deficit can bring by taking in selenium supplement.

In Finland, deficit of this very necessary nutrient is so big, that the government is working to improve selenium levels in adults. The government is monitoring adult’s blood selenium levels. Now, to fix the actual problem, they added fertilizers to the soils and saw a huge increase in the regular blood tests.

Other countries – such as New Zealand also have very low levels of selenium in soils, they don’t indicate serious selenium deficit. They do import a lot of plant foods and selenium supplements thought.

So how much selenium is necessary? For some reason, that too depends on the place you live in. Average American will need around 55µg, will other places, like the mentored UK, will need 75 µg. A general rule is 50µg - 200µg a day. 150 from a selenium perpetrate and 50 from food. Too much of this good thing can cause troubles, as selenium can be toxic if more than 400 µg are taken.

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